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Mobile App Development by using FLUTTER | SAGE Winter School

Mobile App Development by using FLUTTER

Flutter is an open-source software development kit which enables smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development. You can build high quality natively compiled apps for iOS and Android quickly, without having to write the code for the two apps separately. All you need is one codebase for both platforms.

Introduction(day 1)

Introduction to Flutter- The What’s and The Why’s

Introduction To Dart

Reason why Dart holds the fort strong.

Installing IntelliJ IDEA and the Dart Plugin.

Installing Dart SDK.

Writing the first Dart Program.


Setting up Flutter(day 2)

Downloading the Flutter SDK.

Installing Flutter Plugin within IntelliJ IDEA.

Understanding the structure of a Flutter Project.

Building a simple app from scratch.



Basic concept of Dart(day 3 and day4 )


Data Type









Introducing Widget(day 5 and day6 and 7)

Widgets and their role in a Flutter app.

The MaterialApp and Scaffold widget.



More widgets - Text, Center and Padding.

Hot Reload and Hot Restart, the tricks of the trade.

Recreating the Default Flutter App (UI Only).


Common Widget in Flutter(day 8 and day 9 and day10)

Containers and their role.

Importing images from a network.

Importing images as assets.

Adding icons to widgets.

Understanding Row and Column.

ListView and ListTile.

Building views using ListView.builder.

Inkwell and its importance.



Stateless and Stateful Widgets- The Concept(day 11 and day 12 and day13)

Stateless vs. Stateful widgets.

Defining a ‘State’.

The setState() method.

Returning to the Default Flutter App.

Navigator and routes.

Applying push() using MaterialPageRoute.

Applying pop().

Declaring parameter-less routes (pushNamed()) in MaterialApp widget.


Handling User Input.(day 14)

Using TextField.

Handling changes to a TextField.

Pass retrieved values using Navigator.


Asynchronous Functions(day 14)

The ‘Future’ function.

‘async’ and ‘await’.


Project Work(day 15).

Trainer Details

Ms. Deepika Dadore  

Founder Saksham Digital  technology Bhopal

Trainer Details

Introduction(day 1)

Introduction to Flutter- The What’s and The Why’s

Introduction To Dart

Reason why Dart holds

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