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Building Logic in C++ | SAGE Winter School

Building Logic in C++

The structure of this course is such that it takes you from basic to object oriented concepts in c++. This is the course to pick if you are just getting into coding and want to build a strong foundation. Widely used in competitive programming.

Day 1 - 

? Computer programming background ? C++ overview ? First C++ application ? Basic C++ syntax ? Installation IDE ? Basic Input and Output ? Variables ? Data types ? Operator

Day 2 -

? Conditional Statement ? If ? If else ? If else if ? Nested if ? loop ? for loop ? do/while loop ? break ? continue ? goto statement ? switch statement

Day 3 - 

? What is Function ? why we use Functions ? Types of Function ? Function Overloading ? Recursion ? Default Arguments ? Return Reference

Day 4 - 

? Overview of OOPs ? Principles ? Introduction to classes & objects ? Creation & destruction of objects ? Data Members ? Member Functions ? Constructor &Destructor ? Static class member ? Friend class and functions ? Namespace

Day 5 - 

? Introduction and benefits. ? Access Specifier. ? Base and Derived class ? Constructors ? Types of Inheritance.

Trainer Details

Founder & Director, Saksham Digital Technology

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