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Block chain Technology | SAGE Winter School

Block chain Technology

The blockchain certification program helps the learners start from the fundamentals and then cover all the technical and functional aspects needed to build any blockchain solution using the best tools and techniques in the industry.In this program, they will build smart contracts, bitcoin wallets, create transactions, fabricode and more.

Blockchain syllabus

session 1 -> Introduction of Web 3.0
             difference between Web vs Web2.0 vs Web 3.0
             Introduction of Blockchain
             why we need Blockchain.
             Application of Blockchain.
             Blockchain Hashing Algorithm

session 2 -> Blockchain Immutable ledger
             P2P network
             centralized network vs P2P network
             Distributed network in blockchain

sesson 3 ->  Blockchain mining and mining process
             Byzantine General problems
             Proof of Work, Conses protocol
             Longest Chain rule

session 4,5,6 -> Learn to create blockchain from scratch

session 7 ->Introduction of Solidity
            Solidity Copilation Process Byte Code and ABI
            Mainnet vs Testnet
            what is metamask
            Contract development

session 8 ->solidity sample program
            state and global variables
            Functions , Pure vs View ,Constructor
            Constructor,Integer ,conditiona statement

section 9 ->Loops,array,structure,Enum,mapping , access specifiers

Proects -> Lottery system 

session 10 -> UI
session 11,12 ->making logical functional of lottery system and deploying smart contract on rinkeby test network

Trainer Details

Md. Ali ansari is a developer and instructor in the Sheryians coding school. 
His main area of Tech is the new evolving technology called Blockchain, crypto and decentralised systems. 

He has trained and helped 500+ students reaching their goals on technologies like Java, MySQL, Node Js, React Js, Solidity.

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