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Renewable Energy Technology And Its Future Potential | SAGE Winter School

Renewable Energy Technology And Its Future Potential

The solar energy industry has grown exponentially and has a high turnover worldwide. Due to the decentralised nature of photovoltaic energy supply, upcoming, independent solar contractors can quickly and independently develop regional business structures and become attractive partners for national and international solar companies.

Attending this winter school is the first step in becoming an entrepreneur or employee in the renewable  energy business. You will learn all the basics about  renewable  technology and acquire essential knowledge for its implementation.

If you choose the "Entrepreneur" track, it will equip you with knowledge about founding a PV business and developing it in a successful and sustainable manner.


  • Introduction of  all types  of renewable energy.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each type of energy.
  • Emission control on fossil fuel.
  • Mechanics of a generator.
  • Kinetic and Gravitational potential energy.
  • Potential of renewable energy to build a sustainable world and contribute towards resolving climate change issues.
  • Future scopes in renewable enrgy 

Trainer Details

Trainer Details

Trainer Details

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