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Basic Electronics and Embedded Systems | SAGE Winter School

Basic Electronics and Embedded Systems

Arduino Based Programming, Hardware and Electronics, Sensors, Control and Interfacing, Networking and Communications,  Microcontroller Programming etc.

Day 1 - Login to tinker cad, design, program, simulate.  Basic Circuit. Designing with tinker cad. Introduction to Arduino. Understanding electronics elements Resistors, capacitors, sensors,  relays.

Day 2 - Blinking, Fading, and Circling of LEDs Blinking of EVEN and ODD states of LEDs. LED dice. Traffic light system. And many more projects.

Day 3 - Controlling of LEDs from your computer. Reading analog and digital inputs. Controlling LED using push button. Switching ON a relay.

Day 4 - Light intensity sensor and temperature sensor interfacing. Changing the brightness of LEDs using potentiometers. Wiring of LCD screen with Arduino. Displaying a message in LCD screen. Scrolling of text. Displaying room temperature using LM 35 temperature sensor.

Day 5 - Increment or decrement of a number by using push button. Controlling DC Motor with Arduino. Direction control of Motor. Motor based Projects. Synchronizing 2 Motors.

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Centre Head, Robonauts India, Bhopal Branch

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