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A quick Start to Python Programming | SAGE Winter School

A quick Start to Python Programming

Python is a general-purpose programming language that can be used on any modern computer operating system. It can be used for processing text, numbers, images, scientific data and just about anything else you might save on a computer. It is used daily in the operations of the Google search engine, the video-sharing website YouTube, NASA and the New York Stock Exchange. These are but a few of the places where Python plays important roles in the success of the business, government, and non-profit organizations; there are many others.

Day - III

  1. Overview
    • Why do we need Python?
    • Program structure
    • Hello program with C/C++
    • Hello program with Java
    • Hello program with python
    • Variable
    • Data type
    • Functions

Basic Concepts

    • Data Types
    • Variables
    • Assigning Values to Variables
    • Multiple Assignment
    • Python Numbers
    • Python Strings
    • Accessing Values in Strings
    • String Special Operators
    • String Formatting Operator
    • Triple Quotes

Practical: - Create Python Program to add two number and run program, print any string, variable, program with comment



  1. Environment Setup
    • Python Installation
    • Execution Types
    • What is an interpreter?
    • Interpreters vs Compilers
    • Using the Python Interpreter
    • Interactive Mode
    • Running python files
    • Working with Python shell
    • Integrated Development Environments (IDES)
    • Interactive Mode Programming
    • Script Mode Programming
    • Comment Single line, multiple line
    • Input(), function

Practical: - Create Python Program to ask input from user and print name, value, data that given by user

Day - III

  1. Basic Operators in Python
    • Types of Operator
    • Python Arithmetic Operators
    • Python Comparison Operators
    • Python Assignment Operators
    • Python Bitwise Operators
    • Python Logical Operators
    • Python Membership Operators (in, not in)
    • Python Identity Operators (is, is not)
    • Python Operators Precedence

Day – IV

  1. Loops and Decision Making
    • if statements
    • else statements
    • nested if statements
    • pass statement

Practical: - Create Python Program to ask input from user and print result with specific condition as result pass or fail, eligible for voting or not, even or odd number,

                                Day – V

  1. Loop
    • while loop
    • for loop
    • nested loops
    • Loop Control Statements
    • Loop with if condition
    • Infinity loop
    • Stop loop in specific place

Practical: - Create Python Program to print series of number, even or odd number, table of given number,

Trainer Details

Mr. Pavan Rajput

Qualification: MCA, RHCSA, Ethical Hacker Trainer 

Experience: 10+ Teaching Experience

Working as a faculty in CPDI Institute Bhopal

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