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Web Development using Django | SAGE Winter School

Web Development using Django

Python Django is a web framework that allows to quickly create efficient web pages. Django is also called batteries included framework because it provides built-in features such as Django Admin Interface, default database – SQLite3, etc. When you’re building a website, you always need a similar set of components: a way to handle user authentication (signing up, signing in, signing out), a management panel for your website, forms, a way to upload files, etc. Django gives you ready-made components to use

Day - 1:

Introduction to Web Technologies

? Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles

? How the Website Works?

? Client and Server Scripting Languages

? Difference between a Web

Designer and Web Developer

? Types of Websites (Static and Dynamic Websites) Responsive design and layout

? HTTP protocol

? MVC model

? Virtual environment

? Django structure

? Generic Views

? HTML templates

Day - 2

Configuring a Project

? Custom Views

? Django apps

? Activating our first app

? A view that displays a hyperlink

? Mapping the views to URLs

? Running our first app


HTML Template and Static Folder

? The Structure Tags

? Getting Started With HTML

? Writing the Code

? Head Section lMeta Tags

? External Link Tags

? HTML Tags

? HEAD Tags

? Title Tags

? Body Tags

? Displaying a web page in a web Browser

? Block level elements

? Inline elements

? Empty elements


Creating a Form

? Form Tag

? POST and GET Method

? Text Input, Text Area, Checkbox, Image Input and Radio

? Select Option

? Option Group

? File Upload and Hidden Fields

? Submit Button, Reset Button

? Defining Paragraphs and new Lines

? Inserting Spaces

? Perforating the Text

? Introduction to style Sheets

? How style sheets work

? Style Sheet Structure


CSS Introduction

? CSS Syntax

? CSS Id & Class

? Types of CSS links

? CSS Selectors

? Changing the color of the text

? Changing the front

? Changing the Indent of the text

? Changing the Line Spacing

? Hide a Style Sheet

? Colors and Backgrounds

? Text and Fonts

? CSS Box Model

? CSS Shadows

? Outline Transitions


Advanced CSS

? Transform 2D Transforms

? 3D Transforms

? Animations

? Transition

? Media Query

? Flexbox

? Grid System


Introduction of JavaScript

? Variables Of JavaScript

? Keywords

? Loop

? Functions

? JS Document Object Model (DOM)

? Introduction DOM HTML


? DOM Events


What Is Server and Domain

? Types of Server

? Interaction with Live Server

? Local Server Installation

? XAMPP & WAMPP Server

? How Local Server works on different ports

? Setup in Django’s file

? Create DataBase

? Create Table


? Predefined Model File

? Insert Data into database

? Fetch Data on HTML Page

? Pillow module for image

? Design Page for Display Data

? Delete Data

? Update data


Remaining Part of DataBase

? Live Server Interaction

? Project Deployment

? Doubt Clearing Session



? URL dispatcher

Trainer Details

Entrepreneur and founder of Saksham Digital
Technology(SDT) Based in Bhopal. SDT established in
2018. SDT founded with the vision to provide the best
training to enter in IT industry. In a 5 Years 1000+
students get trained and placed in various IT company
of India and Other Countries.Apart from providing training, working on projects of
website and mobile application development. So
students experience live scenarios of development.

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